Coatings & Finishings

AB/Rainbow/Iridescent Pastel multicoloured shiny rainbow effect coating.
Bronze Coating of gold mixed with other materials baked.
Ceylon Similar to Lustre, but more subdued and the colours are often softer.
CloisonnéEnamel decoratiion which is then fired.
Crystal Transparent, with the inside darker than the outside.
Dyed Painted and baked.
Filigree Ornamental wire work.
FP Fire Polished.
Frosted Matte frosted finish with rich, deep colours.
Galvanised Chemically plated with zinc.
Giltlined Transparent, lined with gold.
GP Gold plated.
Higher Metallic Gold PLated, sprayed with oxidised titanium, giving a bright finish.
Inside Colour Core is one colour, cased with a transparent outer colour.
Iris Iridescent coating, rainbow metallic.
Lustre Reflective, slightly metallic coating(pearly look)
Matte Frosted finish.
Metallic Oxidised zinc coating, giving a metallic look.
Niobium Hypo-allergenci, does not affect skin.
Opal/Opalescent Semi-translucent, slightly milky.
Opaque No light can pass through.
Raku Fired finish.
Satin As Lustre, but a smoother and more subtle, silky look,
Silverlined Transparent lined with silver.
SP Silver plated.
STS Sterling Silver
Translucent Light passes though.
Transparent Does not transmit light.


Some beads are prone to fade when left in sunlight or UV light, also if subjected to friction or acidity in the hands.

Pink, purple and fuchsia coloured beads are most likely to fade.

Bright Purple and fuchsia coloured, also galvanised beads, are most likely to rub off.


Magnetic beads and clasps should not be used or worn by anyone with a pacemaker.